Our Community

How many times have you wished that your friends and family would understand the life you live?

That they could understand you a little better? That the support you so desperately need, would be offered willingly?

Me too... To many times to count. And it gets so demoralising to have to ask.

The thing about our brains, is that in a crisis we are epic - but we never seem to consider our own situations 'crisis' enough to jump into action on our own behalf. We are able to see clearly, what the appropriate course of action is for other people, so why are we unable to do that for ourselves?

That's what the Not My World community is all about.

To be totally upfront - this community is available for a subscription fee of £2.00 per month.

I wanted to make this community a free to access resource, but quickly realised and

witnessed other groups of this nature, being full of trolls and bots.

Once you are a Community Member, choose the group on the platform you are most

comfortable on, or make use of the Whatsapp chat function with me directly.

The subscription fee gives access to our Community and myself - and our combined knowledge.

My hope is that if you truly are looking for a community or support, that small amount will be no issue,

and if you are the kind of person we are trying to avoid - the monetary subscription will be enough

to put you off.

As a thank you, you will be gifted my new book 'This Is Not Our World' and resources you

can download to get up and running with. Community members will benefit from regular downloadable

items for streamlining life.

"Neurodiversity may be the birthplace of some of humanity's greatest minds."

Harvey Blume

"He who conquers himself is the mightiest warrior."